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Part I: Finding and Posting Your Images

How to add an image to the collage: Click Edit
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How to find and use images:
  • You can find images doing a “Google Image” search. Simply go to google.com, select the link “Images” and type a text that describes the images you are searching for.
  • Save a copy of the image to your computer desk top and label it appropriately.
  • Add your images to the wiki:
    1. Go to the section of the wiki titled “Generational Images – Boomer Collage”
    2. To add your picture simply follow the directions for uploading an image (How do I add an image?).
    3. Other people may be adding images to the site when you are adding them. This should not be an issue, as the wiki software will save all links to images as they are uploaded and presented on the wiki.

Part I: Reflect and Discuss

Did you see any images that surprised you? Did you see any images that you agree with or disagree with? What were they?

Post your reflections and comments to the Discussion Tab at the top of the wiki page. For instructions refer to the Wikispaces HELP section.

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2-D-1: Generational Images - Boomers and Net Generation Collage - Educating the Net Generation Jan 09
2-D-1: Generational Images - Boomers and Net Generation Collage - Educating the Net Generation Jan 09

This cartoon is perfect to show the gap between the generations

Sarah S
external image insert_table.gif
This is perfect Net generation

Sarah S
The Indivuality of Boomers

Kris U
the common multitasking Net Generation personn

Kris U
Leader/Net Generation

Carol B
Baby Boomers changing women's roles

Carol B
external image hsc1130l.jpg
Erika L
Or Text or use an app
on their ipod and
connect to each other...
external image dcrn153l.jpg
Erika L
Hmm. From Baby Boomer
Classroom image search
external image mtu0006l.jpg
Erika L
From Generation X
Dawn M
This is so very true!
Have you ever felt this way?
Dawn M
Flashbacks of the past.
Dawn M
The man is thinking "I'm a digital immigrant".
The boy is thinking "I'm a digital native".
Notice the facial expressions. The man looks stressed out to me.
The boy seems very relaxed and at home. He's in his comfort zone.
Monica C:

Baby Boomers--Individuals trying to move up the corporate ladder. I like that they're all different--yet the same.
Monica C:
Gamer Generation--They know how to work as a team, but they can do so without the confines of a board room. The structure changes.
external image google-bart.jpg
Megan M:
The net generation automatically goes to the internet for answers. They want instant answers.

Megan M
What do you think would be included in the Net Generation greatest toys?
Doug Z

1950's - The
that brought
us live
Doug Z

TiVo - The
that decided
to watch TV
and where
ever they
wanted to.
Karen M

Education for the Boomers...their technology is in the little girl's hand...a pencil.

How I usually feel while doing my homework...and how many Boomers feel about technology they don't understand.
Marie P-Boomer Image
Marie P-Net Generation Image
Susan H.
Boomer vs. Net Gen
Susan H
Gamer transportation- combining two loves: gaming and driving