5-C-1 Exploration of Web Resources by Discipline and Grade Level

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  1. Scan the list of resources listed in the Key Information for Topic 5-C. Review the general links and then discipline links that are appropriate to you or that you find interesting.
  2. Bookmark the resources that you find valuable.
  3. Find two examples of lesson applications or educational resources that you found most helpful.
  4. Post these examples in the table below. (Please do not post your information at the top of this page.)

Student name
Grade or Discipline
Links (include two)
Notes or Comments - Why did you find this useful?
School Counselor/ Grad class facilitator

Resource information for teachers and School Counselors to help them assist students.

School Counselor site for lesson plans, resources, technology tips, and a newsletter.
Sarah S.
High School Science
=Simple Chemistry lessons=

Create a graph
Very simple Chemistry lessons that can be used limitedly at the high school level. Would be very good to use with Carroll County's Level 1 students.

Very simple graphing program that students can use as an intro. to graphing using a computer program. Excel can be a bit complicated at first. I've used it and my students really found it easy to use. Can't make best fit lines so that can be difficult with certain data sets.
2nd Grade

This is actually a technology resource that I use in my classroom regularly. Using virtual manipulatives is a great way to help students to visualize 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction.

Great lesson on Abraham Lincoln works with my curriculum and kids can create a timeline.

Carol B
Title 1: Reading Teacher

This link lists the names of books by grade level. Each book has a lesson plan to go with it.

This is a site that we use at my school frequently. I use this for reading skills. It has activities and short videos to watch about the areas you are focusing on.
Marie P
High School
Create A Graph

Math Forum
Sometimes complicated information is difficult to understand and would be better communicated in the form of a graph or chart. Graphs are great because they communicate information visually. This website gives students an easy to use template to enter data into and it creates graphs for them.

This site is filled with math-based resources for teachers. It consists of “problem of the week”, professional development, “ask dr. math”, math tools, and “teacher2teacher” sections. It is a great resource for teachers and students.

Doug Z.
3rd Grade

This link is a lesson that describes/teaches students about symmetry. It shows how some things in nature can be symmetrical as well. After the direct instruction section, it gives a link to a page that gives students practice identifying lines of symmetry.

My second link is a web practice page that gives students practice identifying translations as flip, slides and turns.
Erika L
Grade 9-12
Learning Support
& Reading
Purple Math

Read Write Think
The first link is an excellent resource for teachers of math. It explains algebraic concepts and definitions, has tutoring, along with quizzes, worksheets and support.

This second resource has lesson plans, graphic organizers that are fillable online, along with some great articles for reading. I use this site a lot with my reading and English classes.
Susan H
4th Grade Math and Grades 4-7 Social Studies

The first link is from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. It is for a spinner to show probability. The spinner's colors can be changed to show the likelihood of landing on a particular color. You could also use it to connect probabilities as fractions.

This second link is a complete unit on the Civil War. It uses historical fiction to show the viewpoints of the North and South.The site also includes reading/writing connections, extension activities for highly able students, and links to other Civil War sites.
Kris U
High School
Biology & Chem

The first link is an awesome video (snip it) that pbs did on evolution. This video shows students the evolution of the whale based upon fossils and comparison to modern animals. Awesome for getting kids to understand that looks can be deceiving.
The second resources is a lesson for a lab that can be used to help students understand the difference between a chemical and a physical change, something that my students have a difficult time grasping.
Monica C
8th Grade Reading
Language Arts


The first link is to a lesson plan on Mark Twain. Normally at the end of the year, I do a quick author study on Mark Twain because his writing is full of humor, and he is an author that the students should have command of by the time that they leave 8th grade. This is an excellent resource to make connections between his life and times and his writings. The lesson incorporates videos and other technology in order to enhance the students learning.

From one of the English sites, my second link is to a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that has hypertext in it to help students with difficult passages/phrases that they may not understand. This would be an excellent resource to provide students with as we read the play in class.

Math 5-8

In this activity they use simple volume equations and involve money. That catches my students’ attention instantly. When I look for application to the real world, I need to involve things they think about almost every day.

Decimals is always a difficult concept for my fifth graders to grasp. If they can use this activity as an extension, they can have a different method of learning.
Dawn M

Five Frames: Practice counting and adding to 10, using frames to think of numbers in relation to 5. Other math games for helping students learn basic math facts and concepts.
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