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As my frustration levels began to mount this weekend while trying to figure out iMovie / voice over for my presentation, I ran across this tutorial. It is wonderful if you have a mac! I also ended up subscribing to Curt's site to find more tutorials on how to do things in my mac. I know that it is not a TeacherTube video so I will post another but I was excited and wanted to share the cool things I found!

Sarah S.
This short video would be helpful for me to show my Physics students so they can further understand the concept of Center of Gravity. They usually can only visualize their CofM standing up.

Karen M.
This video shows 2 second grade students modeling economic concepts, including trade and consumer. This is a great way for my net generation students to learn those terms from their peers, and is a great example of an engaging learning activity for educators to use in their classrooms.

Carol B.
This is a cute video that teaches the rule that when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. It has a catchy tune that will help my younger students remember the rule. Also, it gives them a visual clue to help them remember the vowel rule.

Marie P
This video gives an introduction to exponents. This topic shows up in many math courses so it is important that students understand the basic rules of exponents. I like the video because it is short and it shows the students how to simplify exponents and also how NOT to simplify exponents. The video also incorporates the use of a smart board.

Doug Z
This video is an example of how a SmartBoard can be used for the students to show what the have learned about symmetry. The students are only working with a circle in this example, however it can easily be adapted with other shapes for students to show what they know. Also any teacher who is familiar with the SmartBoard software could easily have the program draw the specific shapes instead of hand drawing them as this teacher did.

Erika L
This video shows how to utilized Photo Story 3 to create and save a digital photo story. There is no voice-over, but just a cheery tune and lots of directions. What's really nice, it's short and sweet, about 2 minutes.

Susan H.
This video is another version of the one I originally picked. In the video, children are acting out a math poem in which a son mistakenly thinks he is making good money trades.This video is based on a math poem by Shel Silverstein. I have used the poem in written form to introduce the importance of knowing how to count money and change so that they won't get cheated. Good for primary as well as intermediate students who know the value of bills and coins.

Erika L
While this is a longer video, it's perfect for our class and why we should use digital storytelling to enhance reading comprehension with our students. It gives students perspective and teachers. Perfect for high school students who are struggling with reading comprehension.

Kris U
This video discusses many of the aspects of photosynthesis in detail. This is a nice example of a good visual aid that can be sued to help students understand the reactants and products of photosynthesis as well as the location for the reaction, all things they need to know.

Monica C
This video provides notes on what a setting is. My students are currently writing historical fiction stories, and many of them are clueless as to how much of their story is based on the setting. I thought this would be a great way to not only tell them--but to show them.

Megan M
This is a great video that helps student remember the difference between area and perimeter. The kids would get a kick out of this and also remember the rap.

Dawn M
Demonstration of using a SmartBoard to teach a math lesson in kindergarten.