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    8-D-2: Final Project - Slideshow - Net Generation Course Wiki
    8-D-2: Final Project - Slideshow - Net Generation Course Wiki
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Submitted by & Brief Description
Peer Comments

Ginny S The Guidance Office and Web 2.0
School counselors need to communicate with students
and parents of the 21st Century in ways students are comfortable.

Sarah S Net Generation Learners - Investigating what Net generation learners are and how we as educators can meet their unique learning styles

Monica C
Blogging in the Classroom--What is it? How can you blog? How does it benefit net generation learners?

Erika L - Using SIMs in the classroom.

Carol B -Internet Safety- This video teaches teachers what to share with their students in order to educate them on how to protect themselves online.

Doug Z - Internet Safety - This video teaches educators about what they can do, what the BOE's can do, what parents can do and what students can do to protect yourself from the dangers of the Internet.

Susan H.
This video shows a reading comprehension strategy called, "HOT Blogging." The strategy encourages students to engage in high order thinking and to extend their written expression as they respond to literature using a blog.

P.S. My husband was my script reader because my vocal cords are experiencing difficulty.

Dawn M
This video is an introduction and overview of Web 2.0 Tools and the importance of using them for educating our Net Generation students.

Erika L This is a lengthier version of my video that includes the digital storytelling media I use in my classroom for students to demonstrate their reading comprehension.

Using the ePortfolio in your classroom can be a great tool! Consider using it on your next project or unit.
Megan M

Safe internet practices at home, work, and school. The presentation focuses mainly on the topic of identity theft.
Marie P

Karen H. - This video is an introduction to what student centered learning is, why teachers should use it in their classrooms, and the implications for instruction and assessment.

This video is an introduction to the learning styles of the Net Generation. It will provide an overview of each learning style as well as applications a teach can use to meet these learning styles.
Kris U