Throughout this course you will participate in building and contributing to this Wiki. The wiki-related assignments are all listed below:

Module 2 - Traits of the Boomer Generation

2-C-1 Sharing Links and Resources

2-D-1 Generational Images - Boomers and Net Generation Collage

Module 3 - Traits of the Net Generation

3-D-1 Collecting Resources on Teaching the Net Generation

Module 4 - Bridging the Gap

4-A-2 Wiki Posting Five Ways to Think about Change

Module 5 - Integrating Technology in the Classroom

5-C-1 Exploration of Web Resources by Discipline and Grade Level
5-D-1 TeacherTube Video Search and Reflection

Module 6 - Fostering Informal Learning

6-A-1 Small Group Wiki - Informal Learning

Module 7 B 1 - Classroom Applications - Graded in Module 8.

7-B-1 Final Course Project - Slideshow