Student Profile Page Dawn M

Welcome to my page . . .

Pet_Lovers.jpg Let_Sleeping_Dogs_Lie.jpg
The Menagerie: This is what my house looks like! Well, I don't have reptiles, but I'm sure you get the idea! I have always loved children and animals. I used to teach dog obedience classes and now I teach 5-6yo children :o).

Currently, I am a kindergarten instructional assistant at Manchester Elementary School in Manchester, Maryland (Carroll County). Since receiving my BA in Early Childhood Ed, I have taught preK, K, 3rd, and 4th. I taught for several years at a private school in Ijamsville, Maryland (Frederick County). I love being an instructional assistant but the time is coming for me to apply for teaching positions again. I stepped back for a few years so that I could be more available to my son (special needs) and found it a good time to work on my Master's.

Few Facts about myself:
  1. Fact 1: I am a single parent with 2 children; my daughter is 26 and my son is 16.
  2. Fact 2: I have a lot of pets! 5 cats; 3 dogs; 2 parrots
  3. Fact 3: I didn't begin my undergrad course work until I was 36. I'm now 49 and . . .
  4. Fact 4: I am taking my comps for my Master's in C&I in July! Yay!

What I'd like to learn or get out of this course:
I would like to leave this course with a much more indepth understanding of the current technology used by our digital native children/students. I know that this is important in order to grow as a teacher of the net generation :o).

My favorite game(s):
I cannot claim to have a favorite video game. I've played some older ones but I'm not a gamer. I would have to say that I enjoy playing chess, backgammon, and mancala. One thing I did enjoy was playing Wii sports. My son became bored with his Wii and traded it in towards a new XBox 360. That was a couple of years ago, shortly after the Wii came out. I wish I had convinced him to keep it because I would have probably liked Wii Fit. Nevertheless, my house is extremely digital. My son has an XBox 360, PS3, PSP, DS, Zune, computers, etc. I have memories of him operating the VCR when he was only 2yo.