Student Profile Page Erika L

My four "kids" from 2 years ago
My dauther with our horse

Grade Level/Discipline:

I teach reading to learning support students at the high school, grades 9-12. I am a lot different than the other teachers here and have a lot of autonomy in my classroom where we explore the wonders of exploration and fantasy worlds through reading.

Few Facts about myself:

  1. Fact 1: I LOVE horses!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fact 2: I have 2 children. A son, age 17, at the high school here in grade 11, and a daughter, 13, at the middle school in the district in which I teach.
  3. Fact 3: I am a techno-geek!
  4. Fact 4: Reading takes me away to places I'd love to visit, but can't afford ;-p

What I'd like to learn or get out of this course: How to reach out in new ways to my students through technology and how to incorporate technology in such a way that it is engaging and helps them make meaning. I also worry that my students do not have the skills to help them disseminate the information they are exposed to on the internet, cell phone, ipod, etc. and make the determination as to whether the information is fact or fiction.

My favorite game(s): At school we play a lot of vocabulary development games such as: Apples to Apples, Blurt, Quidddler, Scrabble, and the like. For fun at home we play the new Connect 4, Monopoly, and Wii (yes, I'm a wii-tard). Santa brought Super Mario for Christmas and we are hooked! We've collected all the coins and beaten all the worlds through 7. World 8 is the only one left. We play this game as a family and my husband is only off every other weekend, and we limit it to one night (although the kids and I go back on the opposite weekend and find the coins we missed).
My mountain biking spouse