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Group A: Workspace: 6-A-1: Social Networking and it's Importance for Successful Informal Learning

List the reasons why Group A thinks social networking is important for successful informal learning:

1. Encourages collaboration
2. Exchange ideas
3. Flexibility--able to access from school, home
3a. Flexibility- Able to work whenever time permits
4. Ability to access organizational knowledge maps
5. Individuals can look fore peers, references, other resources across a network
6. Creates a virtual community
7. Synchronous
8. Asynchronous
9. Check in with friends about schoolwork issues.
10. Provides a platform for keeping absent students informed.
11. Highly inclusive: Students who are reluctant to participate in class may feel safer participating through social networking platforms.
12. Use of the various social networking platforms responds to the typical learning styles and preferences of Net Gen students.
13. Provides a searchable mountain of ideas and information to pull and learn from.
14. When posting, if you are mistaken, corrections or suggestions will be made for you to learn from.
15. Offers ability to get back in touch with classmates/co-workers or past educators in order to reconnect to past avenue of ideas.
16. Puts you in touch with people who may me more knowledgeable that yourself in an certain area or discipline.