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Group B: from your web quest find as many articles or postings on using Informal Learning Strategies in the Classroom. Provide a brief 1-2 sentence description of the contents of each link.

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Informal learning
This page describes the importance and the recent interest in informal learning.
It also compares different types of learning.
This site invites teachers and students to create open and collaborative learning communities.The project is devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use at all level of education, professional developement and informal learning. It is a great example of informal learning at work in learning communities.
FormalizingInformal learning
This is a blog on a site called Learnlets. On this page there is a discussion about supporting informal learning rather than ignoring it. The author suggests putting tools in place that support informal learning such as emails and wikis.
Math-Informal learning experience
This article describes teacher candidates' capabilities of learning how to teach mathematics through an informal learning experience. It also discusses advantages and disadvantages of learning teaching strategies in this fashion.
Support Blogging! - Links to School Bloggers
This website provides an index of educational blogs by title, subject and grade level.
Susan H

Practicing Resilience in the Elementary Classroom - Project Resilience

This link is from Principal magazine and discusses ways to help build resiliency in students from improvished and/or otherwise difficult backgrounds. General strategies are given to help them engage in their learning via informal learning strategies.
Susan H
This website explains informal education and provides strategies for the classroom.
Karen H
Strategizing Informal Learning
This website is a blog that a teacher does talking about the aspects involved in informal learning as she sees it.
Kris U
Learning Journal
This website provides informal learning strategies.
Karen H
introducing information education
This website provides a definition of information learning as well as examples of how informal learning is used in education.
Kris U