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Group C: Search out and evaluate any videos and podcasts you find on Informal Learning.

Video or Podcast
Encouraging Informal Learning
Podcast: Jay Cross and George talk about ways they are going to encourage informal learning for a conference using wikis, podcasts and social bookmarks.
Erika L
Buzzie Bee Teacher
This is an English teacher at my school whom I have co-taught with. She's a good friend and creates some phenomenal podcasts. Her latest includes student produced pocasts at the AP level for 12th grade. A definite site to check out.
Sarah S

This video is kind of neat because it is from the perspective of home teaching and informal learning. The speaker talks about the fact that there is little waste of time with informal learning and the chance of failure is lessened. Very neat perspective!

The second video I've included is by Jay Cross from the Internet time group. He is the same speaker that is in Erika's video. He is very passionate about informal learning and thinks that it is irresponsible for people to ignore informal learning.
Monica C

kids using ipod touch from michael a evans on Vimeo.

This video discusses how we can use digital media in our classrooms including gaming, virtual worlds, social networking, and video production. The students are collaborating and learning informally in a "structured" setting.

The second video shows elementary school students using an iPod touch in the classroom. I thought the discussion was amazing!
Erika L

This video explains how informal learning is a continual process that starts at birth and builds upon itself as we grow and develop. About 10 minutes in length.
Megan M

This video highlights upon different methods used in informal learning. It touches upon different forms of technology that are especially useful for these kinds of learning devices.